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The Decemberists | News 6.30.10

John Moen here, speaking to you today on behalf of The Decemberists. I am pleased to announce a charity poster auction, which features ten limited edition silkscreen show posters (see image below) and benefits The Jeremy Wilson Foundation.  This foundation is dedicated to helping uninsured and under-insured musicians and their dependents in times of medical crisis.

I wanted to write you personally because Jeremy Wilson is a close friend and former band-mate of mine, who has been dealing with a second round of medical insanity due to a heart condition known as Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome.  Jeremy and I started playing together in the late 80s in a band called the Dharma Bums, and, as is the case for many other musicians, found it extremely difficult to afford health insurance.  The Decemberists are aware that this is a problem shared by many Americans, not just those of us in bands, but we applaud Jeremy’s efforts to help others at a time when he could justifiably be thinking solely of his own well-being.

We’re offering six posters signed by the band and four unsigned (for the poster-art purist) to help Jeremy kick off fund-raising for the new foundation.  Each poster is an incredibly beautiful and rare foil variant of the collaborative poster designed by Emek and Aaron Horkey for our shows on July 17, 2009 in Redmond, WA and July 18-19, 2009 in Troutdale, OR. To bid on the posters, please visit the auction site.


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