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The Decemberists | News 11.17.09

Points of Order:
. The Decemberists to perform live on UK television TONIGHT!
. “Embedded” on The Current in U.S. TOMORROW!
. All posters at the Decemberists Shop now on sale!

Adored Mailing List Recipients,

This introductory paragraph will be guest-written, by dictation, by Becky Stark: “London is lovelier than ever.  We’re glad to report.  Thank you, London, for catching our fall.  Here we are at the end.  Of our tour.  Our tears are dried by the crisp winds.  Delightful winds.  Wings.  Winds. That bring us, um, newly. That bring us, um, why do I want to say newly risen?  That bring us into our new season of parting.  Here is where we part.”

The Decemberists will appear on the season finale of the long-running music show “Later Live…with Jools Holland.”  The show airs live in the United Kingdom on BBC 2 aqt 10 pm Tuesday night. An extended version of the show (with extra Decemberists bits) airs on BBC 2 this Friday night at 10:45 pm. More info here.

To those of you stateside (and on this mailing list, that means most of you), fear not.  You have your own exclusive Decemberists’ television appearance to gloat about. The Decemberists will be featured on a new show called “Embedded” on American cable channel The Current.  The episode, which includes rehearsal footage and band interviews shot in Portland last March, also features Bon Iver and Passion Pit.  The show debuts this Wednesday (TOMORROW) at 11 pm ET.  The show will air in the UK in January – we’ll let you know the details soon.

Finally, The Decemberists Shop is proud to announce a massive poster-sale.  Nearly 60 different limited edition silk-screen posters, many signed and numbered by the poster artists, are on sale 20% off across the board for a limited time! Click here to go directly to the Posters Page at the Shop.


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