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The Decemberists | News 11.15.10

Adored Mailing List Recipients,

Greetings and welcome to those of you who are new to this, what may be your introductory Relatively Unobtusive e-Missive (RUeM).  You may hold your head high and feel particularly special at dinner parties: you are part of an exclusive and rare elite.  We don’t just accept anyone, you know.  We comb through every submitted email address and only accept the pithiest, i.e. bezukhov1805@gmail etc.

So, without further ado (or is it farther?), I present to you the first leg for the POPES OF PENDARVIA WORLD** TOUR 2011 here. A limited presale for all North American dates is now underway here. Tickets will go onsale to the public beginning Friday at 10am ET. Presales for the European dates begin November 17th at 9am, public onsales begin November 19th at 9am.

** Maybe not the ENTIRE world, or anything, but you get the idea.  Sounds better.

Also: The Decemberists will be playing Conan on TBS on Thursday 11/18 where we will be joined on stage by none other than the inimitable Ms Gillian Welch.  Should be extra, you know, nifty.

The Decemberists