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The Decemberists | News 08.19.09

Point of Order:
‘ NYC special ‘lottery’ show announced!

Adored Mailing List Recipients,

We received an urgent missive from the boys at the Decemberists SubTerra Campaign Organizational Front (DSCOF) the other day, bringing to our attention that a glaring hole had appeared between the first and the third days of the “A Short Fazed Hovel” Tour 2009, Phase 3. Apparently we had booked a show that day on a scarcely populated atoll off the coast of northern Maine which had succumbed to a mysterious sneaker tsunami and had vanished into the Atlantic ocean, its population of hypersensitive palette-enhanced pygmies disappearing entirely with only a crate of artisanal cottage cheese remaining as a testament to their ancient society.

We decided, in honor of the victims, that we’d play a show in New York City at Terminal 5 on that day, the 19th of September. But we thought we’d try to make it interesting: in homage to that totally awesome scene in Dragon Slayer, we Decemberists will perform a set that will be entirely left to the hands of fate — we will draw songs from a lottery and dutifully play them, regardless of their quality or presence in our memory. Decemberists songs, naturally, but you do never know what bizarre cover songs or strange commands may end up in the pile.

A presale is currently underway at Tickets will be available to the public this Friday at 12 PM EST at

See you then!


The Decemberists