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The Crane Wife 1, 2 & 3 Demo; The Return of Bandit Queen Wine

Adored Mailing List Recipients, As winter and its associated holidays loom closer, we have a few bits of news that may help enliven the season. The 10th Anniversary Edition of The Crane Wife is less than a month away from coming out and we’re excited to share a previously unreleased demo version of “The Crane Wife […]

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Last Chance to Back Illimat on Kickstarter

Adored Mailing List Recipients, We would like to begin by extending a hearty thanks to all who lent support to Illimat and/or pre-ordered The Crane Wife 10th Anniversary Edition deluxe box set. A majority of this email will be directed at the remainder of you who, while still quite adored, have room to move further […]

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The Crane Wife 10th Anniversary Edition

Adored Mailing List Recipients, <Sigh> Seems like only yesterday that we were appearing in your inbox, happily announcing the launch of the Illimat Kickstarter campaign, but it was in fact two weeks ago. Hello, again. You should know that you are still the bright, youthful thing you were those two short weeks ago. You haven’t […]

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Announcing: ILLIMAT

Adored Mailing List Recipients, Hello again! It’s really been too long since we cluttered your inbox. We here at Decemberists HQ can’t really imagine what the state of your inbox must be these days, what with a presidential election on and your mother incessantly blowing you up about the massive sinkhole that’s just opened in […]

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Spring Sale

We’re running a spring sale in our shop with 20% off select items:

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New Holiday Items Added to the Shop

Adored Mailing List Recipients, As winter and various holidays approach, we’ve added some new items to the Decemberists Shop! While you’re there, be sure to check out the new sale section including items from this year’s tour. If you missed it on Giving Tuesday, we performed “Oceanside” from the comfort of our cots to raise […]