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“V is for Victory” Benefit Concert in Portland on May 30th

Adored Mailing List Recipients, Oh MLR, we have such news to give you. We know we’ve been cluttering your inbox here and there with, alternately, the comings and the goings of various members of the Decemberists during their time in Hiatus Mode™, but we have a particularly juicy tidbit to impart today. The band is […]

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The Decemberists in Portland, OR on May 30, 2014

The band is kicking off their time out of suspended animation with a gala concert event entitled “V is for Victory,” a benefit show for Victory Academy, Oregon’s only full-time accredited school for kids on the autism spectrum. It’s to be held on May 30th at the Crystal Ballroom in sunny Portland, Oregon. Sallie Ford […]

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Colin Performs on “Inside Llewyn Davis” Concert Film, Holiday Sale

Adored Mailing List Recipients, While the temperature of our cryogenic chamber is starting to heat back up, we have some more Decemberists-adjacent updates to bring your way: Tune in to Showtime tomorrow night, December 13th, at 10pm for the premiere of Another Day / Another Time: Celebrating the Music of “Inside Llewyn Davis,” which features performances by Colin […]

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Holiday Sale

Time for another holiday sale! Get 20% off all apparel, select music, posters, and odds and ends in The Decemberists Shop through the end of the year.

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Colin Meloy Sings The Kinks

As you may know, Colin will be hitting the road in November and January for his first solo tour in five years and he has recorded a new cover EP to bring along with him. Through a process involving public polling, meditative introspection and a completely random lottery, the subject for this tour’s EP has […]

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Colin Meloy West Coast Solo Tour In January

Adored Mailing List Recipients, People of the West! Grand legacy of westward expansion and the doctrine of manifest destiny! Sons and daughters of the Corps of Discovery! People of Cascadia and the Peoples’ Republic of California! Colin Meloy’s solo tour, his first in five years, is coming to a major metropolitan center near you. Peruse, […]