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Komen Redux and A Note From Jenny

We’re incredibly heartened by Komen’s decision to return funding to Planned Parenthood; the fact that a myriad of voices, raised together in opposition, can have such an effect is truly inspiring. We think that Komen’s initial decision to cut off PP was unconscionable; to retract that decision is only common sense. Going forward, however, we are determined to stand with Planned Parenthood by continuing to donate the proceeds from the Team Jenny shirts and buttons to their newly founded Breast Cancer Emergency Fund.

Here’s a note from Jenny Conlee:

Hi everyone. I would like to add my own thoughts about the Susan G. Komen/Planned Parenthood debacle. I deeply respect both of these organizations for the work they do in women’s health. I am disappointed in Susan G. Komen for politicizing a very non-political issue, but I also am thankful that they listened to their donors and affiliates and decided to revise their decision and focus on what really matters, which is funding early detection. While I support that we will donate ongoing proceeds from our Team Jenny goods to Planned Parenthood’s Breast Cancer Emergency Fund, I want to clarify that I personally will also be supporting the Oregon and SW Washington Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Komen Oregon spoke out early against banning grants to Planned Parenthood, and put pressure on the national affiliate to reverse their decision. They also have a very effective program for providing mammograms to low income and uninsured women, and have a commitment to supplying grants for important research. Two studies funded by Komen created treatments that are part of my current cancer care and will increase my odds of never experiencing a recurrence of breast cancer. This issue is complicated, and I encourage you to show your support to whichever organization feels best to you. We need to focus on the one enemy we have in common and that is breast cancer. Thanks for supporting Team Jenny!

– Jenny