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Introducing WILDWOOD

Adored Mailing List Recipient,

Colin here. As we Decemberists launch into the final leg of the Popes of Pendarvia World Tour and patiently mark time before the demise of Summer, I wanted to take a moment and personally alert you, Mailing List Recipient, to the thing that will be consuming my days and evenings in the forthcoming months: namely, a book that Carson Ellis, Illustratrix and Decemberists Art-Slave,  and I have been cooking up for nigh on 12 years.

That book is called WILDWOOD. It hits fine bookstores, e- and otherwise, on August 30th. You can pre-order it here. Or here, if you prefer to keep things indie. We’re also giving away a download of the first four chapters (see below for details).

I may have mentioned it to you before. If I’m repeating myself, I apologize. Go on with your day. However, if this is news to you, and you are desperate to find out more, let me invite you to join the exclusive cabal that is the WILDWOOD MAILING LIST so that you might be have your inbox graffiti’d with more Meloy/Ellis-related nonsense. You can sign-up over at the official Wildwood Chronicles site. By joining the list, you will receive a free download of the first four chapters.

And what a bunch of awesome nonsense there is — via this virtual grapevine, we’ll be announcing Author/Illustrator Events, Available Merchandise, Behind-the-Scenes Exclusives and other interesting tid-bits that will likely give this simple mailing list the feel of one of those cool secret societies like Skull and Bones or the Mouseketeers. If that is the kind of man or woman you are, please visit our website to sign up:

If you’d like the double-whammy, you can also “like” WILDWOOD on our Facebook page to receive the download of the first four chapters. Lots of other nifty things to be discovered there as well.

Carson and I will be galavanting around the country this fall to do talks and readings, so we expect to see all your brilliant, shining faces basked in that autumnal light (as refracted through the UV-coated glass of one of your fine, local bookstores).


Colin Meloy