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Please feast your eyes on:


SIXTEEN songs all eleven of the album tracks + four exclusive tracks from the IBYG sessions.

On EIGHT 7″ vinyl records, each a different color.

In a NINE SLEEVE pinwheeling heavy duty cardstock TOME with slide-out record jacket pockets, full color art from Carson Ellis and paper engineered POP-UP elements and a full color booklet SIGNED BY THE BAND.

Which, itself, lives tidily inside a HEFTY chipboard slipcase.

(Plus a few special secrets)

Lovingly pressed at Third Man Records in Detroit, Michigan.

This THING, this molten piece of spectacular extravagance, is available for pre-order NOW and will ship no later than June 15, 2018. No fear: each pre-order will come with a digital download of the album that can be redeemed on March 16 (the four extra tracks will be available for digital download on the shipping date).

Heres the exploded tracklisting (with corresponding vinyl colors):

Disc 1 – Transparent Green

Side A: Once in my Life
Side B: Cutting Stone

Disc 2 – Opaque Red

Side A: Severed
Side B: Starwatcher

Disc 3 – Transparent Orange

Side A: Tripping Along
Side B: Your Ghost

Disc 4 – Opaque Pink

Side A: Everything is Awful
Side B: Sucker’s Prayer

Disc 5 – Transparent Blue

Side A: We All Die Young
Side B: Rusalka, Rusalka

Disc 6 – Opaque Yellow

Side A: Wild Rushes
Side B: I’ll Be Your Girl

Disc 7 – Transparent Red

Side A: Traveling On
Side B: Down on the Knuckle

Disc 8 – Opaque Violet

Side A: Midlist Author
Side B: I Will Not Say Your Name

We hope you find this thing as magnificently absurd as the state of the world at present. However, if you’d like something a bit simpler, we do have I’ll Be Your Girl vinyl, CDs, cassettes, and apparel on offer at the Decemberists Shop as well.


The Decemberists