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Decemberism HeaderGreetings, would-be parishioners to the Great Community!

I am C.M., founder and CEO of the Institute for the Research and Expansion of Decemberism Worldwide, LLC. I’ve “borrowed” this space from my friends and yours, The Decemberists, in order to make an appeal to your very soul.

Your life is limitless. It is. DID YOU KNOW THAT?

Researchers have shown that the human species uses only 5% of its brainial capacity – Cabraincity. A trivial amount. There remains an untapped 95% Cabraincity in all humans. Whither this surplus?

Additionally, scientists have successfully created – inside sterile labs – fractional dimensions outside of our own. Visible only via infrared light. DO YOU WISH TO LOOK INSIDE?

If these ideas frighten you, look away. If you are excited by the mention of UNCHAINED HUMAN POSSIBILITY then please watch – nay, experience – the following video, for which The Decemberists have graciously provided a soundtrack (all appropriate licenses via The IREDW, LLC, Tierra Del Fuego). The song is called “Cavalry Captain.” We here at the Institute find it deliciously apropos.

It also bears mentioning that The Decemberists’ new five song EP (for real this time) is also out in physical, digital and spiritual form today. Its title is Florasongs. Please peruse the tracklisting these comprise the NEW SOUNDTRACK OF YOUR LIFE.

1. Why Would I Now?
2. Riverswim
3. Fits & Starts
4. The Harrowed and the Haunted
5. Stateside

Watch. Listen. JOIN.


CEO, Institute for the Research and Expansion of Decemberism Worldwide, LLC